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Psychometric Assessment
Performance Management
Labour relations consulting and assistance with labour disputes and disciplinary processes
Training and Development
SDF (Skills development facilitator function)
Payroll and HR systems
Change management, organisational design and organisational development
Products and Services
HR Policies and Procedures
HR Outsourcing
  • Negotiable fee structure (starting from as low as 10% of annual package).
  • Turnaround time of 48 hours under specific conditions.
  • Pre-assessment of candidates, if required.
  • Extensive existing database of candidates.
  • Ability to find suitable candidates in any industry and at any level.
  • Ability to headhunt individuals for key positions.
  • Assessment of individuals for development and selection purposes.
  • Psychometric assessment may include occupational-focused personality questionnaires, ability tests and simulation exercises. 
  • Job analysis for specific positions and person-job matches.
  • Development of performance management systems to align individual performance to business objectives.
  • Development of performance management policies and procedures.
  • Training of line managers on performance management.
  • Labour relations interventions’ productivity enhancement, climate studies and conflict resolution.
  • Assistance with development of sound IR policies and procedures
  • Assistance with disciplinary and incapacity proceedings.
  • Assistance with retrenchments
  • Training of Managers and supervisors in IR.
  • Training needs analysis.
  • Developing and sourcing of appropriate training programs (e.g.)

Leadership development programs
Management and supervisory training
Life skills
Industrial relations training
Personal finance
  • Conducting training programs within an organisation.
  • Compile Workplace Skills Plan (WSP).
  • Implement WSP, Coordinate and Quality ensure training interventions.
  • All Administration and Communication with the SETA
  • Progress reports to SETA in terms of Training Plan.
  • Compile the Annual Training Report (ATR).
  • Dealing with the Grant Administration and claim process.
  • Conducting job grading exercises.
  • Conducting salary benchmarking.
  • Salary structuring to create equitable pay structures.
  • Advising on HR and Payroll systems.
  • Providing outsourced payroll and HR system solutions.
  • Developing organisation structures.
  • Developing job descriptions.
  • Conducting change management exercises to support organisational change.
  • Facilitate Strategic Planning Sessions.
  • Audit of existing HR policies and procedures.
  • Developing customised HR policies and procedures to support clients' business and ensure compliance to legislation and HR best prctices.
  • Contracts of Employment – Compiling and ensuring legal compliance.
  • Providing a cost-effective and efficient alternative for in-house HR services.
  • Clients' can outsource part of their HR Service or the entire HR service. 
  • Outsourced services covered by extensive Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Allows clients access to high-level HR services without the necessity to build expensive in-house HR Functions.

CLS Human Resources Consultants
Management and SMME Consulting Service
  • Provide strategic guidance and business planning for SMMEs.
  • Providing business mentoring and coaching for SMMEs.
  • Provide business hub for SMMEs
          Office facilities.
          Legal support.
          Financial systems and           administration.
          HR support.
          Systems development platform           and infrastructure.
  • Securing and management of investment capital.
  • Marketing advice and support.