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Company Profile
Company Profile
Creative Leadership Solutions was founded in Pretoria in 1996 by Pieter van Rooyen, the current Managing Member. 
In terms of the B-BBEE Act (Act 53 of 2003), CLS is a Level 4 contributor with a 100% recognition level on the Balanced Scorecard.  CLS is an exempted Qualifying Small Enterprise with a turnover of less than R5- million per annum.
The company consists of qualified human resources consultants - each with their own areas of specialisation – with excellent support staff.
The strategic partnerships of the company enable it to remain small but effective in terms of Service delivery. We have a wealth of expertise within our strategic partners and they include Labour Lawyers, Industrial Psychologists, SETA experts, Education and training providers and Assessment consultants.


CLS’s mission is to provide a comprehensive but affordable HR Services and Management Support to Micro-, Small, and Medium Enterprises.
We aim for our services to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our Client List include:
  • Impak onderwysdienste
  • Prodist
  • Agrinet (Ltd)
  • PT Operational Services (Pty) Ltd
  • Earlybird Farms
  • Daybreak Farms
  • Ultima Financial Advisors
  • Vhembe District Municipality
  • Metsweding District Municipality
  • Capricorn District Municipality
  • Strategic insurance systems
  • Satreno
  • Le-Sel Research
  • Checkers-Shoprite
  • SAPA
  • Alto – Air
  • Pep Stores
  • Lewis Stores
  • SHL South Africa
  • Plac├ęcol Cosmetics
  • Eskort Meat Processors
  • IC BLUE Technologies
  • MiWay
  • Henwill Chickens

CLS Human Resources Consultants